#010 – How to write an irresistible subject line?


#010 – How to write an irresistible subject line?

August 23, 2017

Hey cold emailers, we did our homework for this episode. We analyzed the last 50 million emails sent with QuickMail, searching for the truth behind the “perfect” subject line.

Is it ‘Quick question’?

Is it ‘Appropriate person’?

Is it ‘Introduction’?

Tune in to find out! We were very surprised with what we’ve found.


  • How come that emails with the same subject line vary in open rate from 3% to 73%?
  • How personalization in the subject line affects open rate
  • How using company name in the subject line affects open rate
  • What is the correlation between open rate and subject line length?
  • Are there any magic key words that will get your audience to open the email?     
  • Will A/B testing of subject lines solve your open rate problems?
  • Why your ability to inbox is far more important than the subject line
  • How to use subject line as a filter for your audience and inspire positive responses?   

Check out the graphs below to better understand various factors that influence open rate. If you test some of them and get interesting results, shoot us an email and share what you’ve found.

Most importantly, stop obsessing over this mythical subject line that will make everyone open your email.  In the end it’s all about getting the RIGHT person to open and reply to your emails, not about upping your open rate.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack








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