#014 – Email Teardown:


#014 – Email Teardown:

September 20, 2017

Hey cold emailers, a new email teardown is here for you, and it’s actually a very good one! This email and its follow-up stood out from the rest and got us excited for a few reasons. We believe there are good lessons to be learned here. Check it out:

Subject: New Lead Source :-]

Hi Jack,

I wanted to reach out to learn more about your current outbound sales processes at Emails That Sell.

Reason being we recently launched a new service which allows you to go from URLs to verified business emails (with accurate titles from LinkedIn) to build highly targeted prospecting lists.  No one else currently offers this, and new users are loving it so far.

Since I’m reaching out to you directly the first 100 emails are on me.  Would you have any interest in trying something like this out?




Subject: Re: New Lead Source :-]

Hello Jack,

Just a quick follow-up on this.

Would testing new lead sources for Emails That Sell be something that falls on your plate?  If not could you do me a huge favor and point me in the right direction?



We carefully analyzed these two emails and graded them with an overall B. What would it sound like if it were an A email? Tune in to hear our suggestions!

Happy cold emailing,
Jeremy and Jack

P.S. We’d love to hear your feedback, let us know by email what you think about this email teardown and Cold Outreach Podcast.

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  1. André Domanski
    May 12, 2020

    Hey, brothers. I'm loving the podcasts.

    Hugs from Brazil
    André Domanski

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