#015 – Unconventional Applications of Cold Email


#015 – Unconventional Applications of Cold Email

September 27, 2017

Hey folks, today we are talking about what you can do with cold email besides generating leads or customers. We are sharing great examples (some are very fun too!) to inspire you to try using cold email in ways you haven’t considered before. Let’s dig in!


  • Cold email as a tool to improve your career: applying for a job, networking, seeking free professional advice
  • Skyscraper technique: using cold email to distribute valuable content, get backlinks and targeted traffic
  • Cold email as a fundraising tool instead of using traditional entrepreneurial approach
  • Application of cold email in social life – reaching out to peers and communities in a new city you are visiting
  • Reaching out to your existing clients to get feedback
  • Testing the waters and researching market for a new business
  • Using your own mistakes in cold email campaign as a conversation opener
  • Using cold email as a wedding invitation replacement (this is the funniest one!)

There are brilliant ways in which cold email can change your life. It’s a powerful tool you can use to start conversations and build big things out of them.

Do you have an example of unconventional cold email you’ve sent? Share your experiences with us by email.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack


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