#018 – Call to Action


#018 – Call to Action

October 18, 2017

Hey folks, welcome back! This week we’re looking into calls to action.

A call to action gives your email recipients clear directions to follow in order to benefit from that action. Without a call to action, your cold email is not a proper cold email. Any cold email that works has an effective and compelling call to action. And here is how to create one. Tune in!


  • 3 call to action rules you must follow to maximize your reply rate
  • How much or how little should your call to action demand?
  • How to filter your prospects list with a carefully crafted call to action?
  • Why you should never use the same call to action twice in your cold email
  • How to prompt responses from your recipients with unconventional calls to action?
  • Call to action examples that you can use to A/B test your cold emails this week

Here’s a call to action for you guys. Leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher, along with a question, and we’ll make sure to answer your question in the next podcast.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

Call to action example #1:


Hi Tim,

I know this is completely out of the blue, but have you tried getting leads for {{company}} using cold email?

I’m asking because this year, 6 other founders from the {{industry}} started cold emailing {{job title}} (using my software) and it’s bringing them around 20-30 interested leads a month.

Based on what I’ve seen about your company on Crunchbase, I think you might be able to get similar results.

Just let me know if I have your permission to share some details on the cold emails that are working in your niche today.


P.S. Full disclosure, I’m thinking that if I share these lead gen ideas with you, there’s a *small* chance you’ll want to try out my cold email tool. But hey, if you’re not interested, or just want some insider advice, that’s quite alright. Just let me know.

Call to action example #2:

Subject: Do you send cold emails at {{}}?

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

I know this is totally out of the blue, I was just looking at {{}} and decided to reach out, I hope you are cool with that.

I regularly go and help directly other companies pro bono as part of my ongoing effort to stay super close to my market and continuously improve my product.

Would you love to receive help with any of those topics?

A- Prospecting (finding the right leads)

B- Copywriting (crafting emails and value propositions)

C- Process automation (sending emails & follow-up regularly)

D- Handling responses (what to do once you have a reply)

Just reply with the letter for the topic that is the biggest struggle for you at {{}} and I’ll gladly share a few of my personal tips that have helped me with this.

Be amazing,
Founder of

Call to action example #3:

(Follow up)


Trying to figure out what’s the best next step for us:

  1. Need more time
  2. Book a call
  3. Something else

Type a letter that lets me know.

Founder of

Call to action example #4:

(Sales question for {{}})

Hi {{prospect.first_name}},

I wanted to reach out to learn more about your current outbound sales processes at {{}}.

Reason being, we recently launched a new version of our product, which allows you to automate your entire cold email process. But honestly, I’d love to hear if you think this is something that might help you grow your company faster.

Since I’m reaching out to you directly the first 2 months are on me, if you want to try it.

The only thing I’d ask in exchange is an honest review on G2 crowd or your favorite website for reviews.

Would you have any interest in trying something like this out?

Founder of

P.S. Here is my Skype ID in case you’d like to reach out directly: jeremy.chatelaine (to be original)
Either way, let me know if this worth exploring or not.

Call to action example #5:

(Follow up)

Hey Jack,

Probably should have asked this in my first message, but would you like to connect on Linkedin?
Here’s my profile in case you want to view my network. Happy to make an intro for you as well…

Founder of


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