#023 – Fake Stats That Are Ruining Your Campaign


#023 – Fake Stats That Are Ruining Your Campaign

November 22, 2017

Hey cold emailers, this week we’re talking about fake stats and not-so-scientific articles that may be detrimental to your reply rate. If you want to successfully navigate the sources you find online and understand how to get relevant stats, listen carefully to this cast.


  • Why you should keep a skeptical mindset when you come across “The best time to send cold email” type of articles
  • How the source of the article affects the interpretation of the given stats
  • How the way in which test was run affects the relevance of the stats
  • How the goal of the article affects the relevance of the stats
  • Why the stats focusing on reply rate only may not be useful for optimizing cold email, if your goal is to start a conversation with a prospect
  • Why you need to be careful with aggregates and the stats they provide
  • How to make yourself your own source of stats using A/B testing to approve or disprove your hypotheses
  • Tactic vs. strategy and why you need to focus on studies that deal with strategies that influence human behavior

To conclude, stats are meaningless without first understanding of how the experiment was run, by whom and for what goal. It’s best to invest time in studying strategies rather than tactics, and to help you with it, we recommend reading the book Influence by Robert Cialdini or checking out our email tear-down episodes #011 and #014 where we analyze both tactics and strategies behind particular cold emails.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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