#024 – How to Use Scarcity in Your Cold Emails


#024 – How to Use Scarcity in Your Cold Emails

November 29, 2017

Hey folks, this week we’re talking about Scarcity. It’s one of the 6 major “weapons” of influence, outlined in our favorite book Influence by Robert Cialdini. It’s also one of the most challenging to use correctly, and not to off-put your prospects instead of drawing them to you. We want to share how the scarcity factor can be incorporated in your cold email campaigns in an effective way. Tune in!


  • What scarcity is and how it can help you increase your reply rate
  • Why scarcity suffers from bad reputation and when NOT to use it in your cold email
  • Examples of using scarcity in genuine and logical ways that work well for cold email
  • A simple way to add scarcity into your “break up” email
  • How to combine a few influence factors in your A/B tests to get the best results for your cold email campaign

Do you use scarcity in your cold emails? If you do, we’d like to know about it, so shoot us an email with your examples.

Keep on cold emailing…

Jeremy and Jack

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