#025 – Email Teardown


#025 – Email Teardown

December 6, 2017

Hi cold emailers, this week we are doing three teardowns on cold emails that landed into our inbox, including a timely Thanksgiving themed email, as well as an email that landed in spam folder. We are sharing our thoughts on writing tone and classic cold email intro mistakes, as well as suggestions on CTA alternatives that would work much better. Tune in and take notes!


  • How to use the subject line as a contract between you and the recipient, and make it clear what the email is about
  • How to write an effective intro for your email, explaining why you are contacting your recipients and focusing on their needs
  • Why you need to sequence your list very carefully to make sure your recipients are a relevant target for your email
  • How to use events and holidays to send timely cold emails which will engage your recipients   
  • The importance of using enough variations of your cold email in order to avoid landing in spam folder
  • How to include a call to action that is appropriate to the stage of relationship that you are at with your prospects
  • Can you combine cold calling and cold emailing to engage your prospect in a conversation?
  • Why you need to establish credibility as early as possible in your email in order to grab your recipient’s attention


Here are the emails Jeremy and Jack received:

If you find these email teardowns useful, send us an email with questions or comments, and we’ll be happy to respond.

Keep cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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