#026 – The Cold Emails That Brought Its First 1000 Customers


#026 – The Cold Emails That Brought Its First 1000 Customers

December 13, 2017

Hey folks, in this episode we’re interviewing Jeremy Chatelaine, the co-host of this show and founder of He talks about why he was forced to go to cold email and succeed at at despite not believing in it initially, then how he originally saw Quickmail as a distraction, and how cold email eventually helped minimise the risk of quitting his day job and pursuing his business. Tune in to get some inspiration!


  • How Jeremy went from thriving on LinkedIn to being forced to switch to email as a market research tool
  • How a simple software side-tool that Jeremy saw as distraction turned into a business opportunity
  • The importance of being playful and experimenting with different approaches in order build a great business
  • When is the right moment to quit your day job and become a full-time entrepreneur?
  • Quickmail’s path of growth and how to know when you should make your first hire
  • What is the scary part of building a successful product and how to stay connected with your market?
  • The future of Quickmail and the latest shifts in sales automation market


Jeremy’s first cold email campaign with Quickmail:


“A desk is a very dangerous place from which to watch the world.” – John Le Carré


With this great quote and Jeremy’s story in mind, go out, explore your market and kick off your business with cold email.   

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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