#027 – Rapid Fire: Quora’s Top 10 Cold Email Questions, Answered


#027 – Rapid Fire: Quora’s Top 10 Cold Email Questions, Answered

December 20, 2017

Hey cold emailers, today we’re answering the most frequently asked questions about cold email, in a rapid fire Q&A session. You’ll hear a digested version of the topics we have covered so far in the podcast, as well as get loads of references to our past episodes, so you can find more information.  


  • What is the best call to actions in cold email?
  • What’s the best cold email you’ve received?
  • Cold emails are not working for my B2B SaaS startup. What am I doing wrong?
  • My cold emails are being opened but no responses. What should I do?
  • What is the best way to send cold emails without your company’s domain email marked as Spammer?
  • What is the best platform to send cold emails from?
  • How can you add a personal touch with sales emails?
  • What are some common mistakes that people make when trying to identify potential sales prospects for a small business?
  • Is cold emailing someone in their native language (as opposed to English) a good idea?
  • How many times should I follow up on a prospect without receiving an answer, before letting them go?
  • How can I create an effective cold email?


We have a call to action for you guys. Send us an email and shoot us your rapid fire question. Next time when we do a rapid fire podcast, we’ll make sure to answer it during the show.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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