#029 – Win Clients and Influence Prospects Using “Liking”


#029 – Win Clients and Influence Prospects Using “Liking”

January 10, 2018

People prefer to say yes to those that they like.

But what causes one person to like another? In this episode, we dig deeper into persuasion science laid out in Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” and we explore the optimal use of liking in your cold email. Like it already? Tune in to learn more about this powerful influence factor.  


  • What liking is and how to use it to minimize spam complains and favor positive replies instead
  • The three important factors that will make your recipients like you
  • How to “warm up” your prospects in the cold email intro using the principle of liking
  • How to use similarities, compliments and cooperation towards mutual goals as criteria for list building
  • A template email built around liking that got replies from more than half the people it’s been sent to

For more tips on how to achieve liking in your cold email, check out Episode #019 The Fox and the Crow and read the book Influence that we mention so often on the podcast. And as always, send us your thoughts at our email.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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