#030 – Accelerating Unbounce’s Growth With Cold Emails


#030 – Accelerating Unbounce’s Growth With Cold Emails

January 17, 2018

If Unbounce hired you to create their cold email campaign, where would you begin? Who would you contact and what would you write inside your emails? We were inspired by our recent interview with Dan Martell to make an exercise and walk you through OUR process behind creating a campaign for Tune in!


  • What would be an ideal prospect list for Unbounce and what company attributes we would include in the “spreadsheet”?
  • Where we would search for content, and what benefits, case studies, and testimonials we would include in our cold emails?
  • How we would use Unbounce’s existing sales funnel to speed up cold email results
  • How to use Unbouces’s INBOUND strategy to speed up cold email results
  • Why having a successful inbound strategy is a huge advantage when launching a cold email effort  

Our take on this is that even a company that’s already massively successful with inbound marketing can benefit from outbound strategies to speed up growth, attract more customers from proven markets faster AND to test out new ones. If you haven’t heard it already, check out Episode #028 with Dan Martell of Clarity FM, where we talk more about outbound vs. inbound approaches, and how to find a use for cold email in any marketing strategy.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack   

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