#031 – GDPR For Cold Emailers: Complete Break Down From Top Compliance Lawyer


#031 – GDPR For Cold Emailers: Complete Break Down From Top Compliance Lawyer

January 24, 2018

Hey cold emailers, today we’re discussing GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with Jonathan Armstrong, who is a legal expert in the field of cold email and a Partner at Cordery, a firm specialized in legal compliance. GDPR is going to be enforced on May 25 2018, so we invited Jonathan, as one of Europe’s top compliance lawyers, to break it down for us and help us understand what it means for sending cold email.

This is a 45 minute discussion, and since it’s about GDPR, anything less would have missed something important. Get your notepads ready and take a listen!



  • What is GDPR and how should it apply across EU countries starting from May 25 2018?
  • In what way can you send cold email to EU prospects by complying with GDPR?
  • What kind of cold outreach will be illegal under GDPR in order to protect EU citizens’ privacy?
  • How to get explicit consent to send marketing emails and what kind of content will you be able to send out?
  • What new list building and marketing practices will be introduced under GDPR?
  • Will you be able to buy email lists and still comply with the new law?
  • What are the positive sides of GDPR and how it will bring innovative approaches to building quality relationships with your prospects?
  • How are fines for breaching GDPR calculated, and how to avoid the 20MM fine for sending a single cold email?
  • Can you still contact companies outside of EU, and why you’ll want to explore inbound strategies for EU market?
  • What are the main objections to GDPR and why it may already be outdated in some parts?

So in this episode we discussed how to prepare for GDPR. Remember that this law was created to protect people against giant spammers, not small startups, and that it’s not necessarily over for cold email. If you want to get more clarity around this hot topic, check out the video below with top 12 GDPR myths de-bunked – you’ll love it!

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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  1. Luke Avedon
    April 19, 2018

    A terrifying episode.

    I could hear your attorney guest drooling. Obviously, the legal community is hoping this will be the giant cluster f#$* it promises to be.

    Prohibitions on marketing freeze market share; leaving the big guys, the bad guys, the crony guys on top.

    SPAM is being fought by Google's machine algorithms. No regulator could come close to the effectiveness of Google's algorithms.

    Broadcast fax was destined to disappear from day one. Every time you turned on your fax machine - SPAM came flooding in. There was no technology available to prevent this. Email is completely different. Every day, GMAIL (and it's competitors) get better at automatically filtering out llame-o messages people don't want.

    GMAIL anti-spam is the biggest hurdle for cold e-mailers because most cold e-mailers send terrible messages.

    My guess is this will be just like Canada's regulation.

    A parasitical bureaucracy will be set up. They will justify their existence by raiding the most outrageous spammer once a year. This will only make it easier for much worse spammers in distant countries. Here in the USA, before the "Do Not Call Registry" my home telephone would constantly ring with offers from local insurance agents. Now landlines ring even more. Except now, the people who are calling, sitting in boiler rooms in Pakistan. These calls are from desperate people trying to scam the elderly in the most egregious ways imaginable.

    Does Europe have any interest in economic growth?

    Like at all?

    Why doesn't the EU just go ahead and outlaw all communication between business people, entirely?

    Then we could all be RICH.

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