#034 – Rapid Fire: Top 2 Books, Favorite Tools, and Random Cold Email Tips


#034 – Rapid Fire: Top 2 Books, Favorite Tools, and Random Cold Email Tips

February 14, 2018

Here’s another rapid fire episode where we answer 8 interesting questions about cold email. We talk about the resources that will help you become a better cold email writer, not-so-obvious ways to build a list, as well as how to finish and sign your cold email. Tune in!

Rapid fire questions:

  • What books will help me master cold email?
  • Which industries or businesses is cold email NOT good for?
  • What is the best tool for finding someone’s email?
  • Are there unconventional ways to find someone’s email?
  • How many cold emails do professionals receive per day?
  • What should my cold email signature contain?
  • Should I use a P.S. in my cold email?
  • What should I do with my risky emails?

Tools and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Remember that your primary goal is to get a maximum number of positive replies every week. The answers and tips from this episode can help you double your reply rate, and then you will need only half of the leads to succeed with your cold email campaign. For more rapid fire questions and answers, check out Episode 027.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

P.S. and YES, you should absolutely use a P.S. in your email. If you got some value from this episode, please leave us a 2 sentence review on iTunes, Stitcher or Tune-in. It’s a quick way to help other growth-minded folks like us find this podcast, send awesome emails and make everyone’s inbox a better place.



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