#035 – Using “Authority” To Gain Instant Credibility In Your Cold Email


#035 – Using “Authority” To Gain Instant Credibility In Your Cold Email

February 21, 2018

Hey folks, this week we talk about authority as another weapon of influence that you can bake into your cold email campaign.

According to research, we feel a sense of duty or obligation to the people in the position of authority. Therefore you’ll learn how to use authority in cold email to gain more credibility and inspire attention and trust from your prospects.


  • The theory behind authority and how it can impact your cold email campaign
  • Why is using authority so tricky and why cold emailers tend to refrain from it?
  • Why telling people “you’re an expert” is a bad idea and what you should do instead
  • How to start shaping the opinion your recipients by changing the photo in your email signature
  • How to use authority just to enhance your cold email, rather than use it as a content of your campaign
  • What are the subtle clues that will make your prospects think you are an expert in a field?
  • The right timing for using authority in your cold email sequence in order to close a deal

The best case scenario for your cold email would be that you actually ARE an authority in a field. However, if you are still reaching that point, remember that it’s not necessary to use authority as an influence factor per se. You can choose among other influence factors that we cover in episodes 032, 029, 024 and 019.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack


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