#036 – “Water Cooler” Chat: Cold Email Update


#036 – “Water Cooler” Chat: Cold Email Update

February 28, 2018

What are the trends in cold emailing? What has been working well lately? This week we’re updating you with stories and examples that are super relevant to building successful cold emails campaigns. We talk about cars, diamonds and how to use an invite to a podcast to grow your network quickly. Tune in!


  • How to step away from selling in a cold email and put your recipient in the driver’s seat instead
  • Why many cold emailers still try to sell too fast too hard, even if it doesn’t work 
  • Why increasing the volume of cold emails is not a good idea and what approach gives better results in the long run  
  • Recognize, compliment and ask – a formula that will help you start a conversation with a prospect
  • What are the questions you could ask to start the sales process?
  • How testing wildly different variations can push up your response rates
  • How to leverage on the first opportunity you get to build your list, such as a simple podcast invite  
  • Lessons to learn on sales process from a diamond museum staff

To learn more about what works well in a cold email campaign, check out The Fox and The Crow episode and the episode on A/B testing. And as always, shoot us your questions and comments at our email.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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