#037 – Outbound Vs. Inbound in 2018


#037 – Outbound Vs. Inbound in 2018

March 7, 2018

Hey cold emailers, this week we’re discussing outbound and inbound marketing strategies.

In short, inbound is when leads come to you, outbound is when you go to the leads. In this episode we talk about when you should use one or the other, and when they should be used together. Tune in!


  • When you should use outbound in your campaign and what are the advantages of it
  • What are the common mistakes when using outbound and how to avoid them
  • How a solid outbound effort can multiply your inbound results (and vice versa)  
  • When you should use inbound and how to nail your product market fit (and content strategy) with a few well-written cold emails
  • Pros and cons of kick-starting a company with inbound or outbound
  • How to create synergy between the two to get the best results for your business
  • What is the place of inbound and outbound in established companies?
  • What is the future of these marketing strategies considering the new legislative and refined spam filters   

Our take on this is that it’s not a battle between outbound and inbound, but that they can mutually benefit from each other. To learn more, check out episode #030 on creating a campaign for Unbounce and episode #031 on GDPR, the new privacy law in EU. And as always, drop us an email if you have questions or comments. 

Happy cold emailing!
Jeremy and Jack

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