#039 – Using Reciprocity in Cold Email to Drive Sales


#039 – Using Reciprocity in Cold Email to Drive Sales

March 21, 2018

Hey cold emailers, in this episode we talk about reciprocity, which is a pretty powerful influence factor that your prospects will find hard to resist. Reciprocity means that we are wired to return our favors and pay back our debts. So how can you write a cold email that gives something to your recipient and triggers the reciprocity principle? We’re sharing quite a few examples, so you’ll learn how to apply this technique like a pro. Tune in!


  • How to offer trial as a gift in the right way to trigger reciprocity?
  • Offering “a promise of reciprocity” to start a conversation or generate more leads
  • Make sure to get information and study the prospect before you over deliver
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of giving too much value or sending too much too soon
  • How can you trigger reciprocity even with long cold emails?
  • When does reciprocity backfire on you and how to avoid it?
  • Combining the principles of liking and reciprocity for the best cold email results
  • Can lead nurturing with newsletter type of emails actually trigger reciprocity?
  • Why you need to “wow” your prospects with your offer to speed up your sales process  

Remember to always be genuine and use reciprocity ethically to get your prospect excited about your awesome ideas or free samples. Also, check out other two episodes we mention in this cast, Jack’s story in the Episode #20 and how to win clients and influence prospects using liking in the Episode #29.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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