#041- You’ve Got a Reply, Now What? (Part 1)


#041- You’ve Got a Reply, Now What? (Part 1)

April 4, 2018

Until now, we’ve always been looking at how to get conversation started, but what happen once someone replies to you? There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to handling responses, so we split this episode in two parts. This is Part 1 where you will learn about the different kind of replies you can get, why you want to categorize them, and how to deal with them so you can get more sales. Enjoy the show!


  • Two broadest categories of replies – positive and negative
  • How to categorize replies in the “middle ground” between positive and negative
  • Is a negative response always negative and how to decide if you should take the next step with it
  • What’s next after you receive the answers and categorize them?
  • How to further break down positive replies and assign them different response templates
  • How to use smart automatization and customization to create successful follow up campaigns
  • How to automate replies when your lead refers you to another person from the company
  • How to continuously stay in front of your leads to keep the conversation going

Thanks for listening! In Part 2 of this episode we will talk about how to use out of office replies to your advantage, how categorizing your replies is gold when it comes to measuring and optimizing your campaigns, and how to use micro-commitments and reciprocity in your follow up emails to close the sale.

Stay tuned and happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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