#042 – You’ve Got a Reply, Now What? (Part 2)


#042 – You’ve Got a Reply, Now What? (Part 2)

April 11, 2018

Welcome back to our discussion on following up to your cold email replies. In Part 2 we talk about how to use out-of-office replies to your advantage, why categorizing your replies is gold when it comes to measuring and optimizing your campaigns, and how to use micro-commitments and reciprocity in your follow up emails to close the sale. Tune in!


  • How to fill your leads database with more information just by carefully reading out-of-office replies
  • How to use out-of-office replies to stand out with your next cold email to that prospect
  • How to deal with and keep track of bounces
  • All the benefits of categorizing the most common types of replies you get
  • Using automation for follow up messages based on categories of replies
  • How to engage your prospects to make micro-commitments along the sales process
  • How to speed up the follow up process and when it’s safe to skip some nurturing steps
  • How to tailor your reply effectively to move faster in the sales process  

There you go, this is what you need to know about handling responses. In Parts 1 and 2 we learned that you need to categorize your most common reply types so you can gauge the success of your campaign, follow up more efficiently and maybe outsource the entire process to a VA. We also talked about following up on your follow ups, how your work is not over after you get a first reply, and how to use automation to make sure your leads don’t go cold after their initial reply. Don’t rush your sales process once you’ve got that reply. Instead, use the power of micro-commitments to get your leads to take the next logical step in the sales process, whether it’s scheduling a short phone call or reviewing a custom report.  

If you haven’t listened to it already, check out the Part 1 of this episode, as well as our episodes on micro-commitments, reciprocity, and how to write a perfect follow-up email. And if you have more questions about managing replies, email us.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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