#044 – Why Less Is More With Cold Emails


#044 – Why Less Is More With Cold Emails

April 25, 2018

In cold emails it’s easy to think that volume is the quickest way to get more replies, but is it? In this episode we go over some of the challenges that come from increasing volume and why successful campaigns can actually mean contacting LESS prospects. If you ever thought about increasing volume to get more replies or need some argument to prevent a friend from doing it, this episode is for you, tune in!


  • Why quality over quantity approach is more profitable to a business owner
  • What happens when you increase the limit of prospects to be contacted per day
  • How your positive replies can go through the roof while your volume goes down
  • How to focus on targeting better audience and lifting conversion rate
  • Avoiding black lists and finding blind spots where leads are dropping off
  • The importance of segmenting and keeping the list clean with a healthy range of bounces
  • Three key things to cover in a well run cold email campaign

So, if you are looking to get more leads in sales out of your cold email campaign, the answer is almost never just to crank up the volume, but to focus on improving your campaign quality. To learn more, check out the other two episodes we mention in this cast, Episode #05 on how to find hot leads and the discussion about the real metrics that count in Episode #07.

Happy cold emailing,
Jeremy and Jack

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