#046 – Can AI Impact Your Sales Outreach Campaign?


#046 – Can AI Impact Your Sales Outreach Campaign?

May 9, 2018

Will artificial intelligence be able to handle your cold email replies? In this episode we are discussing the future of cold email reply handling and how AI will impact the role of the modern sales person.We’re sharing our take on AI already available, and the trade-off between teaching AI and benefiting from AI. Tune in!


  • How far are we from having Siri or Alexa sorting through our inboxes and adding emails to particular follow up sequences?
  • AI assisting with response handling Vs. AI actually making decisions on follow ups
  • Pre-training of AI as a crucial element to including it in the sales process for your specific business
  • AI as a great tool for tracking the success of your cold email campaign
  • The need for a big volume of emails in order to train AI on certain types of replies
  • The lack of creativity with responses as the main downside of using AI in cold email campaigns
  • What are already available tools for inbox management and processing a volume of email responses?
  • How to use the information you have about the prospects to integrate AI in your follow up sequence?
  • AI for dealing with language barriers in cold email campaigns

We might be years or just months away from robots that can follow-up on our cold email replies. But even today, you may be able to highlight or hide certain messages using tools like Zapier, Mailparser and Gmail based on the text in the message. At the end of the day, relevant, helpful and timely responses are always going to help you move the sales conversation forward. What role AI will play with this side of cold email will depend on the speed of technology and adoption.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack


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