#048 – Teardown: Wins, Missed Opportunities and Pitfalls to Avoid


#048 – Teardown: Wins, Missed Opportunities and Pitfalls to Avoid

May 23, 2018

Hey folks, it’s time for a new teardown episode, and today we’re analyzing two emails that landed to Jack’s inbox. You’ll hear our thoughts on connecting with somebody on LinkedIn before you send them a cold email, on language used in cold emails, subject lines, CTAs and other important elements that will decide whether you will start or kill a conversation with your prospect.

Here are the two emails we received:

Now let’s jump to the teardown:

Make sure to check out the Copy Vs. List episode and the interview with Dan Martell that we mention here, and feel free to send us your your own cold emails if you’d like to hear them teared down in one of our next episodes.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack


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