#050 – Cold Email Personalization Breakdown Part 1


#050 – Cold Email Personalization Breakdown Part 1

June 6, 2018

When we receive emails in our inbox, the very first question that comes to mind is: is this email for me? Personalization can definitely help make a difference here, but does it really work? Does more personalization actually lead to more replies? And if so, is there a right way of doing it at scale? We answer all those questions and even more as we dive into the data behind over 75 million emails sent with QuickMail. This is a big topic so we split the cast in two parts, tune in to Part 1!


  • Two main reasons to personalize your emails: getting more responses and improving deliverability
  • How to stick out among other cold emailers by using personalization
  • How using more custom attributes influences your response rate
  • Why smaller volume of emails works better for your reply rate
  • Why you should always go back to your hot list to get better personalization results  

Thanks for listening! In Part 2 we will cover how to identify the best custom attributes to use in your email, the fastest way to personalize cold email at scale, and step by step guide to outsource your entire personalization effort. Also, check out our episode on how to find hot leads that will definitely make the personalization process easier for you.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack   

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