#052 – Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Conference With Cold Email


#052 – Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Conference With Cold Email

June 20, 2018

Hey cold emailers, Jeremy is heading off to a conference next week, so we asked ourselves “How can someone use cold email to connect with conference attendees?” In this cast you’ll learn ways to get the most out of any event and start conversations with almost anyone attending with a few carefully crafted emails. Tune in!


  • Where to find a list of conference attendees
  • When before the event you should start cold emailing the attendees you want to connect with
  • What can you offer to the people you are reaching out to in order to inspire their response before the event
  • How to play on the “rookie” card if you are attending an event for the first time
  • How to position yourself as an expert if you’ve attended the same conference a few times
  • What type of CTA works really well for a conference event
  • How can you leverage on being a keynote speaker
  • What emails you should send during the event to keep your connections engaged
  • When you should follow up after the event and how to keep the conversation going in the following weeks or months

Conferences give you one of the easiest excuses to cold email someone. So get prepared and remember to send emails before, during and after the event for the best results. To get more ideas for the content of your conference cold emails, check out our episodes on using reciprocity, micro-commitments, compliments and liking as influence factors. And assuming you didn’t choose the wrong conference, chances are that your campaign will be successful.

Happy cold emailing,
Jeremy and Jack

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