#054 – Today’s Best Email Service Provider for Cold Email?


#054 – Today’s Best Email Service Provider for Cold Email?

July 4, 2018

What are you using to send your cold emails today? GSuite? Outlook? Something else?

In this slightly technical, yet helpful episode, we talk about the best tools to send cold emails. We cover the most popular email senders and email service providers (ESP), give pros and cons for using them, and also share some stats so you can be well informed before making a decision on which tool to use. So let’s dive in!


  • What is the difference between email senders and email service providers
  • Is there an alternative to Google G Suite and if so, is it worth switching
  • Can you use an email sender and ESP together
  • What is the ideal setup for sending cold email and having maximum deliverability
  • Tips for cold email beginners for choosing an email sending service
  • Can you get away with using a free version of ESP to send cold emails
  • Tips for advanced cold emailers to maintain or increase deliverability
  • How to easily switch SMTP server if your business gets hostaged by a particular service

As you can hear, there are lots of options for each level of your business. You need to try and test them since there is no magic bullet, even if GSuite looks very strong. No matter what, you must follow cold email best practices to deliver properly because no tool wants spammers.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

LIST OF ESP (can send and receive emails)

LIST OF EMAIL SENDERS (can send emails)



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