#056 – Our Most Downloaded Episode to Date? (Using Social Proof)


#056 – Our Most Downloaded Episode to Date? (Using Social Proof)

July 18, 2018

By now you are familiar with our fascination with weapons of influence, as described in Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence.” In this episode, Jack and I are going to look at the last influence factor called social proof. You’ll learn what it is, plenty of examples of how to use it successfully in a cold email campaign and what to do if you just started and have nothing to rely on just yet. Enjoy!


  • What is social proof and how is it different from using authority as an influence factor
  • How you can leverage social proof to your favor to get more positive replies
  • How to effectively work social proof into your cold email campaign
  • What you can achieve by dropping logos and brands in your cold email
  • How to use similarity and mention similar companies to supercharge social proof
  • How to use testimonials for the best results of your cold email sequence
  • Using stats and ratings versus using stories and case studies to leverage social proof
  • How to use social proof creatively by focusing on activities rather than on the product/service

Example of an email using social proof:

According to social proof, people look at the behavior of others to determine their own. In this episode you learned how to effectively use this weapon of influence to win over your prospects. However, you will get the best results by mastering ALL influence factors that we talked about on the show, and using them together in a smart and creative way. Check out the links to other influence factors episodes below and send us an email with your success stories.


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