#057 – Teardown: Monkeylearn


#057 – Teardown: Monkeylearn

July 25, 2018

Hey folks, this time we are tearing down a special email, because it actually got Jeremy to reply with interest, and we all know by now he has high standards when it comes to cold email. So today you will hear a very good cold email that uses a few interesting tactics, and you’re going to get a lot out of it.

Here’s the cold email that got Jeremy to reply:

We also have a surprise for you in the second part of this cast! For anyone looking to get a deeper insight into proper cold email research, customization and a great approach to writing cold emails that get replies, here is good news. We asked Diego Ventura, the founder of Monkeylearn and author of the cold email we’re tearing down in this episode, to reveal his process. We asked him a few questions that should help you adopt a bit of the mindset shift when it comes to writing your own emails, researching prospects and taking this game to a much more personalized level.

Now tune in and hear both sides of the story:

To learn more about good tactics for writing and sending cold emails, check out the The Fox and The Crow episode and Episode #046 about artificial intelligence that we mention in this cast. Also check out the other teardown episodes listed below and send us an email with questions or comments.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack


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