#060 – Are You Making These 5 Cold Email Mistakes?


#060 – Are You Making These 5 Cold Email Mistakes?

August 15, 2018

Hey cold emailers, today we’ll share our top 5 cold email mistakes. These mistakes can change what could have been a successful campaign into a complete dud. Listen carefully to find out how to avoid this common pitfalls and be on your way to have a successful growth channel. Let’s dive in!


    1. Trying to close the sale too quick instead of opening a conversation
    2. Writing essays when you haven’t yet earned the right to grab minutes of your prospect’s attention  
    3. Fancy fonts and formatting – rather experiment with the quality content, not the look of the email
    4. “Me me me” – focusing on your own needs instead of having their needs in mind
    5. Lazy follow up without offering value and something new to the conversation

    1. Writing essays – see #1 above
    2. Going for the kill too quickly – see #2 above
    3. Sending untargeted cold emails – instead, break your huge list of prospects into 3 or 4 subgroups and taylor message for them (hear advice in episode 5)
    4. A week value proposition
    5. Writing an unclear CTA – instead, be explicit with your ask and end your email with a question mark, so your prospects know exactly what you want them to do

So these are the things NOT TO DO in your cold email. And if you want to see Jack’s template for writing the bump 2.0 email, you can get it at and be on your way to increase your positive reply rate.    

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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