#062 – Cold Email Pro Advice for Beginners


#062 – Cold Email Pro Advice for Beginners

August 29, 2018

Hey cold emailers! Today’s topic is what advice we could give to newbies to cold email. This cast is covering baby steps towards quickly setting up a very well thought up and productive campaign, in an early stage when you are testing the waters to see if cold email is a viable channel for your business. If you are already up and running you might want to pass this by, although there are takeaways that are always going to be helpful. Let’s start!


  • Accept that you are going to suck at cold email in the beginning
  • How to handle sometimes brutal rejection
  • Why starting with a small number of new prospects every day is a good idea
  • Why starting with automation right away is a bad idea
  • How to make sure your email list is verified before crafting any email
  • Two very different approaches that can be helpful to your campaign
  • The importance of focusing on conversation and being patient with the sales process
  • Why hunting for templates will give you only tactics but not the full strategy
  • Don’t be lazy – sending 3 follow ups is crucial
  • How to turn writing cold emails into a regular habit
  • How to land the first results with only 100 prospects and what numbers your should expect
  • WHO you are contacting is as important as WHAT you are writing to them

This would be our guide on how to become pro emailer in under 20 minutes. Enjoy, use some of these tips and make it happen!

Jeremy and Jack


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