#064 – These GMail Updates Just Changed Cold Email… Again


#064 – These GMail Updates Just Changed Cold Email… Again

September 12, 2018

Hey cold emailers! If you are Gmail users, you have probably noticed the change in how your reply drafts look like. In this cast, you’ll hear about 2 new GMail features that could change the way you cold email in 2018 and beyond. Coming up, you’ll see why this update matters and how it can impact your overall reply rate. You will discover a new way to proofread your cold emails from now on, and find out hidden costs that come from easy-to-reply emails. Tune in!


  • What new Gmail features are and how they affect your cold email practices
  • How you can make use of smart replies so your reply rate goes up
  • What is lost in cold email process by using smart replies
  • The best way to test your cold email content so the smart reply really becomes smart
  • What could nudge feature mean for your follow ups
  • How to experiment with time delays between email touches

For once this is not a bad change for us cold emailers – if harnessed correctly, Gmail’s new “push button replies” could have a significant impact in your reply rate.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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