#065 – Designing a Winning Cold Email Campaign for Framer


#065 – Designing a Winning Cold Email Campaign for Framer

September 19, 2018

Hey folks, in this episode we are showing you how to create a winning cold email strategy from scratch. You’ll find out who to target and what to write in your emails in order to maximize your reply rates and profits. We are using a company called Framer as our example for today’s “strategy walkthrough.” Enjoy!


  • Starting point – how to decide who to go after and find the most profitable customers
  • How to identify people you should target
  • Questions to ask when building a hotlist
  • Picking the right angle from which to start a sales conversation
  • Choosing key triggers to be included in your early messages to prospects
  • Striking a nerve with CTA

There you have the complete recipe on how to be a successful cold email hire at Framer or a similar company. Let us know how it works for you and happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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