#066 – When (and How) to Scale Your Cold Email Campaign


#066 – When (and How) to Scale Your Cold Email Campaign

September 26, 2018

To scale or not to scale? That is the question for today’s cast.

If you’re already having some success with cold email, listen in to find out if you’re ready to 10x your results, or if you should stick to small batch sending instead. You’ll hear our slightly counterintuitive advice for scaling, assembling your “cold email” team and whether or not you should bother with increasing volume at all. Tune in!


  • The definition of cold email scaling
  • How to decide when is the perfect time to scale up
  • What positive reply rate can tell you about scale up timing
  • How to assemble a dream team for scaling a cold email campaign
  • Creating more inboxes to even the load of emails you are sending
  • A simple recipe for scaling cold email efforts
  • Why you need to keep an eye on deliverability and leave room for experimenting

Now you got a clear view of when it is okay to scale up your cold outreach. Keep in mind that it is all about having the results for your business and not how many people you can contact per week. Also, check out Episode 044 on quantity vs. quality in cold email campaigns to help you decide on the perfect moment for scaling.   

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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