#072 – Test this! 9 Simple Cold Email A/B Test Ideas


#072 – Test this! 9 Simple Cold Email A/B Test Ideas

November 7, 2018

Hey cold emailers! If you are lacking inspiration for your next A/B testing, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. We’ll give a lot of quick tips to try for your cold email campaign including time delays, compliments, and other actionable ideas you can try right now. Tune in!


  • Why it is important to have a custom intro sentence at the beginning of your cold email campaign
  • How to experiment with the time between your emails and modify the content of the follow ups
  • How to add value to an existing campaign with a bump email
  • How to facilitate getting a reply by changing your CTA
  • Useful tools to help you determine if your emails are inboxing properly
  • How to increase the reply rate by sending your cold email from a new email address
  • The benefits of experimenting with identity
  • How to improve the chances of getting a reply by reaching out to a different title at the same company
  • If nothing else is working, how to come up with something that is really hard to resist
  • Why it is crucial to focus purely on the reader in your emails

This was a tactical guide for setting up A/B testing and a place to pick up some good advice for running cold email campaigns. You can also find some useful details in The Fox and The Crow episode and check out Glock Apps as a valuable resource for optimizing your campaign.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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