#073 – How to Launch Your Startup with Cold Email – Part 1


#073 – How to Launch Your Startup with Cold Email – Part 1

November 14, 2018

Hey folks, this week’s cast is part 1 of the episode that covers all about startups and cold email. In Part 1 Jeremy walks you through the steps needed to go from zero customers to having a product that a market will pay you money for. Enjoy!


  • How can cold email help you find an idea for a startup
  • The very first things you should look into when you are choosing a market for your product
  • How to find out what it is that the market would be interested in paying money for
  • How to extract the information that will help you build the product
  • Examples of creating a narrative which makes people want to start a conversation with you
  • How many emails a brand new startup should send per day to keep the conversations going
  • What are realistic expectations within a couple of months spent with cold email
  • Tips on what to do by yourself and when is smart to outsource tasks to someone else

For more details on launching your startup with cold email, check out Episode 29 about the influence factor of liking. Remember not to rush through your list of prospects and use what you learned in past communication to open new doors. Stick around for Part 2 to learn how to land your very first customers with a simple cold email approach.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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