#075 – What’s Working This Month


#075 – What’s Working This Month

November 28, 2018

Hey cold emailers! In this episode, Jeremy shares with you the principles behind a campaign that’s been working exceptionally well this month with QuickMail. You’ll learn how one simple change in the offer allows you to break some rules and still achieve over 60% reply rate, then what it means to have more than 100% adjusted reply rate, and the power of combining multiple weapons of influence well together. Enjoy!


  • What type of business In Person Service covers and how segmenting your list by location can work wonders for your reply rate
  • How to get someone interested in a location based product
  • Cold email strategy that brings high reply rates in this case
  • How to use location based approach as a test, even if your kind of business seems to not fit in
  • An example of A/B test results on reply rate for the first email sent in location based sequence
  • Why you really need to be consistent with your follow ups
  • How to incorporate most uncommon approaches (like adding price in a first touch) and drastically increase your reply rate

Even without going into the specifics of the emails, we hope there are valuable takeaways in this cast. It should inspire you never to stop testing, use wildly different variations, and there could be a big winner email that you haven’t considered yet.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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