#076 – The Secret to Never Running Out of Prospects


#076 – The Secret to Never Running Out of Prospects

December 5, 2018

Running low on prospects? Feel like you’ve contacted everyone in your market and you’re wondering what to do next? If so, today’s episode can help. Stay tuned to learn 2 reliable ways to expand your target audience without sacrificing quality, 4 basic filters you can adjust to find thousands of new prospects online, and how to use your own customers to find untapped, profitable prospects. Enjoy!


  • How to get unstuck when the list runs dry
  • Are you running out of prospects or has your market run dry?
  • Different ways to increase the number of leads
  • What is the real goal of automation?
  • How to use existing customers for referrals
  • Is running experiments for new prospects a good idea?
  • Re-engaging the same list for a new success
  • Allocating time for identifying big questions
  • Things to be careful with when handing off to other people

You see, there is really no excuse for letting your funnel run dry any more. And if it happens, try some of the actionable things we covered here.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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