#079 – How to Track Success with Cold Email


#079 – How to Track Success with Cold Email

December 26, 2018

Hey folks! In this cast, we’ll go over what qualifies as a positive or negative reply. If you are labeling conversations as positive and negative, you may run into some grey areas you need to get clarity on. You’ll hear how Jack is handling replies with real examples and why this is a critical metric to track, even if you can ultimately track the dollar amount generated by your campaign. Tune in!


  • How to use tags in order to master your follow up game
  • What you can consider as a positive reply
  • How to categorize each kind of reply
  • Keeping track of metrics beyond positive or negative in order to get more clarity on your campaign’s ​ultimate ​performance
  • How to turn some gray area emails into positive replies
  • What if you are having lots of conversations, but you are not closing any clients
  • What positive to negative ratio you should expect in order to carry on with your campaign
  • Rapid fire – examples of qualifying emails
  • How to stay organized while you’re running a campaign – using more tags than just positive or negative

If a reply opens a sales conversation, it’s a positive one. Ultimately, profit generated is the golden metric for any outreach effort. But since sales cycles can sometimes take weeks or months before a deal is won, you may draw wrong conclusions from your reply rates. So keep tracking each step on the way, keep testing, and happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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