#083 – How to Pull Off a Hard Sell with Cold Email


#083 – How to Pull Off a Hard Sell with Cold Email

January 23, 2019

Hey folks! Today we are going against every piece of cold email advice we’ve ever given on this show. We’ll tell you to go for the kill and start hard selling your prospects and give you the 3 examples where hard selling has outperformed “conversational” cold emails. Plus, a few case studies and email copy you can use to drum up new customers “the old fashioned way” this week. Enjoy!


  • Reasons to set up a hard sell cold email campaign
  • The difference between hard sell approach and “standard” cold email approach
  • When does hard sell approach work better
  • Why this kind of email needs to have a formula in order to work
  • Why is copyrighting crucial for writing a hard sell cold email
  • Should you put a “buy now” button if you already own the space
  • What about trying a hard sell cold email with the leads who are interested in your service, but nothing has ever worked with them

Selling hard is something we rarely recommend, but it’s got its place. If you have never tried it, you may have the opportunity if you look at your list a little more creatively. But before you start pitching, make sure you can afford it. Don’t try it at home unless you know what you’re doing or you limit it to one A/B test.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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