#084 – Master Cold Email With This CTA Swipe File: Part 1


#084 – Master Cold Email With This CTA Swipe File: Part 1

January 30, 2019

Hey folks, today we are going to talk about CTA Swipe File – a document that we’ve just put together, with the list of about a 100 different CTAs that you can copy and paste into your cold email. If you are struggling to find a right word, this might be very helpful – instead of having a blank page in front of you, you can start with a CTA and move up from there. Let’s dive in!


  • Two variables we went for with CTAs
  • Which CTAs work best when you are trying to schedule a call
  • Forming a “golden” call to action
  • CTAs that focus around “Let’s find a right person to talk to”

In the next episode we’ll dive into a few more CTAs, and further expand on this topic. To find all of them, go to Feel free to modify this CTAs, it’s a Swipe File for you.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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