#086 – Master Cold Email with This CTA Swipe File: Part 3


#086 – Master Cold Email with This CTA Swipe File: Part 3

February 13, 2019

Here is Part 3 of our review of the swipe file that you can grab for free at We are going through this document and tearing down a bunch of CTAs that you can use in your cold email campaign. We’re going over when to use these CTAs, who it might be best for and how high of a commitment to ask for in each step. In this cast we’re talking about CTAs that include a gift or offer some help in exchange for a reply. Let’s jump right back in!


  • When to offer a gift to your prospects
  • The difference between exchanging value and just sharing content
  • Examples of CTAs for offering a free service tailored for that particular prospect
  • How to follow up on your cold emails that have never been answered
  • How Nigerian prince style CTA doesn’t have to look spammy

This concludes our three part series on CTA swipe file. Now you’ve got a long list of CTAs that you can copy and paste into your cold emails to help you got the replies that you are looking for. If you haven’t checked out the previous two parts, take a listen here and here. To find out more about concepts we are mentioning, you can check out Episode 82 about Cadence and Episode 69 about Nigerian prince style CTA.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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