#087 – Takeaways from 7 Impactful Episodes


#087 – Takeaways from 7 Impactful Episodes

February 20, 2019

Hey folks, this week we’re doing a recap for the past 50 episodes to wrap up 2018. We have individually handpicked a few episodes that stand up to us. These episodes are convenient to mentally have available to draw from them while creating a new cold email campaign.


  • Episode 45 on GDPR – even though a major legislation changes can happen in the future, it doesn’t mean the game is over
  • Episode 79 – how to have clarity when judging a successful campaign
  • Episode 72 – open minded approach to a/b testing (also check out Episode 82 about cadence, and three episodes on CTAs, 84, 85 and 86)
  • Episode 76 on Prospecting – super useful ideas on finding new leads; if you can’t find new leads it’s a lack of resourcefulness, not a lack of resources
  • Episode 73 and 74 – how to create a business out of thin air
  • Episode 56 – using social proof
  • Episode 83 – on being humbled and staying open to ideas, and keeping a student mentality with a beginners mind

We are really looking forward to the next 50 episodes, and hoping we’ll have another great recap in about year from now.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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