#089 – It’s over… Sending the perfect breakup email


#089 – It’s over… Sending the perfect breakup email

March 6, 2019

Hey, we hope you’ve enjoyed our show so far. We’ve been asking for almost 90 episodes to review our podcast but despite many downloads, we still didn’t get a review from you. We understand you are busy, probably in your car and it’s not easy to go and review our episode so we’ll give you one last chance to send in your review.

But before you go away, enjoy our last episode on “The Breakup Email”.


  • What is “The Breakup Email” and what you want to accomplish with it
  • The biggest question you should ask yourself before sending The Breakup Email
  • The kind of tone you should use to leave a prospect  in a good mood
  • Example of a breakup email – how much of a writer focus is OK in this case

Sending a break up email  is easy. Simply explain to your prospect why you won’t be reaching out anymore with your offer, using a friendly tone, and wait for leads to come in.

Remember, best follow-up practices still apply, so try adding something of value to your prospects, even in your breakup email.

If you have a group of prospects ready for a break up email, try sending them one of these emails today, and let us know what happens!

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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