#090 – How to Cold Email Limited Markets Like a Pro


#090 – How to Cold Email Limited Markets Like a Pro

March 13, 2019

Let’s say you only had 1,000 prospects in your market. How would you cold email them so you get the maximum number of deals?

Today we share how Jeremy successfully approached his first market using cold email, how to build relationships with VIP prospects in your list from scratch, why you should start slow and how to ramp up after your first deals are closed. Enjoy!


  • How to prepare for a limited market
  • How to identify VIP prospects in your list
  • Earning rights by giving your prospects as much value as you can while establishing authority in your industry
  • Why it makes sense to be humble and do nothing but learn at the beginning
  • When is the right time for asking things back from your prospects
  • How you can benefit from reaching out to conferences
  • How to build a momentum by securing meetings with low hanging prospects
  • Always go back to basics – check deliverability and send personalized emails

“Too small of a market” will never be a valid excuse for not starting a business after listening to this podcast. Remember that most of the time in a small market, getting your foot in the door is the hard part. So make sure the door stays open by working your list over and over, instead of burning through prospects one at a time.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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