#091 – Teardown: Case Study on Improving Personalization


#091 – Teardown: Case Study on Improving Personalization

March 20, 2019

Today’s emails have lot of good stuff. They are courtesy of We grabbed two cold emails that we are going to rip apart. Let’s dive in!

Email 1:

Subject: g’day from datorama

Hi {!first_name},

Happy Monday. I saw your company on LinkedIn and wanted to reach out. Cool to see what you guys are doing!

Wanted to reach out because I’m working with some clients in your space on a really interesting marketing performance project. Given your background, I think you would find the strategy compelling. Would love to tell you more.

Here’s the quick pitch:

We solve two problems:

#1, marketing budgets are allocated in hundreds of different places. Making sense of it all is cumbersome, annoying, and slow.

#2, it’s hard to access and share marketing performance data. Decisions get fogged. It discourages curiosity.

My company Datorama created a platform that does end to end media performance management.

We completely eliminates the need to do data cleansing, harmonization, and manual data manipulation.

Lot’s of awesome stories from my other clients like L’Oreal, Chevron, & Ticketmaster.

Let me know if I can get on your dance card this week.

Looking forward,


Email 2:

{!company} – Respond faster to customers


I’ve seen from your website that you’re getting repetitive support requests.

I’m the {!title} of Gorgias, we help support teams treat all customer support in one screen. This way, the support team can respond faster to customers.

Do you think it could help {!company}? If so, happy to tell you how (here’s my calendar) / show you a demo (we’re in SF too).


Follow up:

Re: {!company} – Respond faster to customers


Did you have any feedback? I know lack of context on support messages is a big problem for commerce businesses. I would highly appreciate your response or a referral to your colleague at {!company} that I should be speaking with.

If this is not of interest to you, please just let me know and i won’t contact you again;)


John Doe

Break up email:

Re: {!company} – Respond faster to customers


I understand you’re very busy and getting all customer support in one place might not be your priority, so this will be the final email.

Should you decide to respond, I’ll be glad to discuss how Gorgias can help agents respond faster to customers, by seeing data from the back-office next to their message. (here’s my calendar, just in case). I will also appreciate if you forward my communication to a person at {!company} that would be best to discuss customer support.


John Doe

Today we covered personalization with even more details to help you catch your prospects attention. To help them answer easier, you can use our CTA Swipe File.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack



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