#095 – Cold Outreach Beyond Email


#095 – Cold Outreach Beyond Email

April 17, 2019

Hey cold emailers! As you probably guessed already, we are big fans of reaching out through cold email. But there are many other channels out there that can help you start a conversation. Is what we are teaching also applicable to other channels? And if so, to what extent? Listen to this show to know some of the nuances when switching channels, what to pay attention to and how to combine them effectively with cold email. Enjoy!


  • How you can use different channels to your advantage
  • Which channels are most powerful for reaching out, besides email
  • Benefits of being in a group or a community and sending a message from within that space
  • Guidelines for speaking in a specific channel
  • How to reach out to one person in several different ways
  • Where is the limit between internet harassment and trying to get a reply from a person
  • Giving somebody an opportunity to reach you
  • Does everyone from your list deserve this kind of attention
  • What channel to start with
  • How to warm up members of your own group

As we’ve seen, outreach strategies stay the same no matter what channel you’re using, but the tactics may change slightly depending on where you’re sending the message. Reaching out across multiple channels improves response rates, but basic follow-up rules still apply. Remember also to write for the prospect and include a clear benefit for replying.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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