#096 – How To 10x Your Productivity Using a VA


#096 – How To 10x Your Productivity Using a VA

April 24, 2019

Hey folks! It may not be obvious at first, but putting together a cold email campaign requires to handle a lot of moving parts. Just think of research, prospecting, copywriting and reply handling.

Could some of these parts be outsourced to someone else, saving you a couple of hours or even more each week? Think about what you could do with all those extra hours!

If you are wondering if you should hire VA, but you are not sure where to start, this cast is for you. We  cover strategies and tactics on which part of cold emailing to outsource first, where to find the best VA online for cold email and how to effortlessly hire your first one. Enjoy!


  • How to decide what you need help with and divide activities on more and less valuable
  • Applying the 80/20 principle to find the activity that is taking 80% of your time but bringing 20% of the value
  • Can you replace a VA by scraping or automation?
  • The scope of a VA and how to decide when something takes too much creativity to be outsourced
  • Hiring a VA with basic skills Vs. hiring a consultant type that can take heavy lifting for you
  • Examples of the activities you can create a process for
  • Engaging a VA after scraping (check out Episode 93 on scraping)
  • How to set up a specific process and write out all the details so VA can take it over
  • What details you should put in a job specification for hiring a VA
  • Why it’s a good idea to ask a candidate for a 30 sec video of presenting themselves
  • When and why you should consider a candidate with higher rate
  • Where to find good VAs online
  • Avoiding the trap of automating a bad process

So think about your processes, decide what you need before you start looking for candidates, start by outsourcing a single task that can be explained in a step-by-step manual. Look at output vs. dollars paid to find your perfect VA. And for some great tips for your entire business flow, check out the book that we mention in this cast – The E-Myth.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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