#097 – Soundbite: No More Writer’s Block


#097 – Soundbite: No More Writer’s Block

May 1, 2019

Hey cold emailers! Have you ever wondered how to approach writing cold emails or maybe suffered from writer’s block? If so, you are about to learn how to consistently write irresistible cold emails without a template, anytime you need more leads. It’s not magic, the secret is having a reliable copywriting process that can completely take the struggle out of writing. So in this cast we are going to walk you through our own copywriting processes and show you everything you need to go from blank page to the perfect cold email. Enjoy!


  • Starting your writing process with research, NOT writing
  • The purpose and goals of the research phase
  • Uncovering your prospects’ mentality when you approach them with an email
  • Speaking customers’ language and joining the conversation that is already going on in their mind
  • What are the building blocks of a cold email?
  • How the benefit of your product solves a customer’s particular struggle – the main question you need to answer
  • Get used to have many reviews before sending an email and why 33 drafts is not uncommon
  • What to do if you have too many ideas
  • AIDA formula and how it can help when you are stuck with writing
  • How to approach A/B testing when writing a cold email

With all these tips, a blank page shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Here is the summary: make sure you have enough material from research to start with before you write anything down; start with the end in mind – put your CTA first, move further with the value proposition and finally add the introduction to get the well structured cold email. Remember that the first ones will suck, but then you’ll start swimming.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack



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