#099 – Watercooler Chat: Doomsday Edition


#099 – Watercooler Chat: Doomsday Edition

May 15, 2019

This cast won’t be like most episodes. With almost no pre-show notes, we just hit record and discussed Google’s latest “crackdown” and how it’s killing innovation and possibly the future of Gmail. We also talk about GDPR and what really changed a year later, why an email that worked 2 years ago won’t get you a single reply today, and where cold email is heading (hint: the kids aren’t using it anymore). Buckle up, this episode may get a bit grim.


  • Permissions that Google recently changed and what to do when you encounter a problem with it
  • Adapting your cold emails to Google’s monopoly on the whole ecosystem (check out Episode 97)
  • Is Google still the best solution when it comes to third party app users?
  • The possible costs of using Gmail’s API for accessing emails in the next 5 years
  • Why more and more people would start with their apps using Outlook
  • Why 2019 may be an early moment to look for other options but Gmail when it comes to cold emailing
  • Does GDPR really have a large impact on cold emailing?
  • Why you need to avoid sending to Gmail/G Suite inboxes if you have a brand new domain
  • The chances of alternative email providers to win cold email market

Cold email still works. It’s still a great tool to open doors, new markets and grow businesses. Just keep your options open and your eye out for new players in the email space as Gmail may be losing its edge. A couple of years ago, one could get away with an average cold email. Today, however, the environment is less forgiving and requires some solid cold email knowledge to break through. So keep learning and stay tuned for more cold email tips and advice.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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