#101 – Sales Lessons From a True Cold Email Hustler: Cody Littlewood


#101 – Sales Lessons From a True Cold Email Hustler: Cody Littlewood

May 29, 2019

Hey, folks! As promised, we are bringing you an interview with the founder of a successful startup company that used cold outreach to grow their business. Our guest is Cody Littlewood, the founder of Codelitt, a company that helps corporations innovate at startup speed. Let’s hear some of his advice. Enjoy!


  • At what point did you use cold outreach as a strategy to acquire new customers and grow your business?
  • Did you use outbound or networking to expand your contact list?
  • What were the numbers for different strategies – emails per lead, persons contacted in the same company, amount of research for highly targeted accounts?
  • What was the approach for highly targeted accounts?
  • Can targeting specific campaigns by the industry personalize a message better than templates?
  • How successful were you with the outbound in the beginning in terms of handling a lot of  rejections?
  • When you hired professional sales people, what was different than what was done before?
  • How long did you wait to hire them and how long did it take them to be successful?
  • What kept you going and why did you keep on trying?
  • How did you manage to find good salesperson?
  • What was exceptionally helpful for you and your business?

Cody gave us really good takeaways, highly recommended that you invest heavily in a sales force in your startup and also in books that can change everything for you. Check out the top of his list and good luck with your cold email campaigns!

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