#104 – Rapid-fire: Risks, Spam Assassin, and CEO Emails


#104 – Rapid-fire: Risks, Spam Assassin, and CEO Emails

June 19, 2019

Hey folks! Let us help you with the things that are slowing down your cold email campaigns.

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • How big of a risk are you putting yourself at if you don’t use a cold email domain and what’s the worst case scenario?
  • Does it always make sense to use a cold email domain?
  • My project bounced on the third email I sent. What happened?
  • Is there the best source for getting leads?
  • If you have both company CEO’s email and personal email, which one would you use?
  • Unsubscribe messages: should you have just a link or just a line of text?
  • Who should you contact or hire to get out of the Spam Assassin?
  • Should you use humor in your email copy?

We’ve covered a variety of topics here, and here is a CTA for you: if you have a specific question that tickles you, send us an email and we’ll answer it live on the show.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

And if your open rate fell down under 60%…

…We made just the thing you need – a course on deliverability that shows you how to set everything up in your email so it gets into the prospect’s inbox, and not a spam folder.

Check the course out at

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